Our Company Values and Ethical Statement

To Cause No Harm:  The core value of our company is to always be mindful, in whatever we do, of positively contributing to a better environment and to better communities, both at a local level within our clients sphere and in the broader sense at a global level. To this end we will not suggest the use of materials, products or services which may be harmful to any sentient beings or to the environment.

As a company we endeavour to maintain the highest environmental protection standards. Current thought, as manifested in the Building Regulations and government policy, emphasises the reduction in carbon emissions. We keep an open mind and reserve judgement regarding any damage caused by these emissions and possible so called 'climate change', as scientists debate the issues, but fully support the development of sustainable energy sources and sustainable building in general as a way of helping to ensure the dynamic future and wellbeing of the planet and the natural systems which live upon it.

Profit is not a driving ambition of our company. Fair fees for high quality work are charged, and any profits are ethically invested, where the maximum benifit to people and the environment, either locally or globally, can be achieved.


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The Team and Our Aims

We aim to provide our clients with an exemplary architectural service, crafting beautifully designed solutions to individual requirements and producing finished buildings of the very highest standard and integrity.

Combining a rigorous professional ethos with innovative creative thinking, our work has an energy and vitality that aims to improve the quality of our clients lives.  Every client is given the individual and focused attention needed to realise the best possible result in accordance with their sensibilities.

Our primary aim is to create and build homes that fulfil our clients requirements on multiple levels. To acheive this we open up potential in the clients brief to find designs and solutions that may not have been immediately obvious, providing an end result often far exceeding expectations.

We endevour to create homes that have an embodied, inherent and natural sustainability. We believe that any building, existing or new, can, with careful thought, be built or refurbished to high energy efficiency and ecologically sound standards. We are constantly researching ways of using traditional, time proven materials and methods of construction to achieve this in contemporary dwellings, reducing or eliminating the need for expensive 'eco' technology.

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